Thursday, 1 December 2011


I ask myself why?
Why do I keep on doing this?
I nurse this obsession day-in day-out!
My mind is not settled,
My thoughts wonder in search of satisfaction.
Passionately and earnestly I seek,
Frankly, what I seek is a miracle…
It’s an insight to discernment.
In this foundation I beseech thee,
Desperately I implore, oh Lord to let I be.
Although everything seem vague….i still hope.
My heart craves for understanding that comes with it,
My mind yearns for revelation.
I desire to fathom what I don’t know.
Be able to see past the reality,
I fancy dancing to the tone of discourse,
Understand the mystery beyond written words.
My joy lies in the unknown meaning,
It’s the hidden philosophy of life.
The un-fore-told wisdom which pokes my brain,
That which turns my thoughts in swirls
Like a whirl-wind I work hard and smart.
Oh, Lord fill my cup with the desires of my heart.
         Drown me in a pool of your blessings.
         Set I high upon the rock! 

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Kenyan soldiers take arms
Father, sons and brothers walk into the battle field
With patriotism deeply engraved within they match forward
History is made and the future is secured.
My countrymen wage war against Al-shabaab
Like a surgeon removing a cancer tumor they wage on
Kenya my country my pride they sing and soldier on
From a distance we watch and listen to Gun shots.
Kenyans die as we secure our victory against Terrorism
With heartfelt groans we mourn our departed patriots
They gave their lives so that Kenya might live
We can never consecrate nor hallow their deaths

What they died for is a just and noble course

Today we take increase devotion in their course
They will live to be remembered.
Fathers, sons and brothers we salute you!                                                                                                                          

Monday, 26 September 2011


Birthday come like shooting stars,
They brighten our past,
Shading more light to the future.
Like a new page of a book,
Our birthdays flip open, come and pass; sweeping us to another class.
Today is your birthday…
You fall like a shooting star.
I know your face glees and your heart smolders with joy.
But how I pray!!
That this birthday fills you with insight;
Bringing you a step closer to understanding LOVE.
The love of a husband who is always beside you…
The love of a son who adores you like a goddess.
The love of people who care about you and wish you well,
And the Love of the Almighty who watches over you day and night.
Happy birthday!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Like the clay in the Potter’s hands

Like a broken piece of pottery I lay
          With pieces scattered all over.
My being drowns in a pool of misery.
My broken spirit vanishes into thin air.
A broken and contrite heart is all I have.
A blot of sin crushes my inmost place.
Pity and Sorrow flood from within.
Guilt hangs like a scotching sun.
My clay feels dehydrated like a sand dune.
As Euthanasia attack my pillar of dust…
          You are proved right!
For like the desert-rain your timing is perfect.
My clay softens in your hands.
You put together my marred pieces; 
          shaping them as seemed best to You.
Like warm butter sliding down a hot toast
          You smoothen all my rough edges.
Again, within the Potter’s House I commit my cause.
          You are proved right!!
For like clay in the Potter’s hands so am I!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Diary of a Mad-Lover.

I promised myself that I will treasure my love.
My pen will not let the slightest thought mar.
Word by word I will pen all my emotions.
My deepest feeling will not vanish unexpressed.
In this diary I will scribble my love life with you.
Every smile, laughter and tear will have its place.
My Joy and happiness will lay between the lines of the paper aptly conjugated.
Not the slightest detail will be left un-noted.
Madness may be the cause of this…but love fuels this course!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

You are GOD

Am not saved by meditation or visualization.
My redemption is through HIS grace.
Once I was s cloud without rain.
A broken well without water.
Now I stand condemned before men
                       but faithful before God.
Am a mud of dirt that God has anointed.
A piece of pottery turned into a Vessel of Noble.
            You alone are GOD.
You have set my spirit free.
Even though you know my weaknesses;
You unveil to me Your righteousness.
I stand in silence in reverence.
Like an empty vessel You pour your spirit into me.
Deep calls unto deep!
        You satisfy the longing of my soul.
        You reveal your glory to me.
        You alone are GOD!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The stage

The curtains open...
Fine music is heard.
With eyes glued we sit and stare.
Like puppets events control our eyes.
Emotions fill us to brim.
We smile, laugh and cry.
Excitement fills us with happiness.
Laughter bubbles like the morning porridge.
We laugh till we cry…
We cry till our eyes run dry…!
Fun is filled with Joy.
Courtesy of artistic expressions we enjoy.
The curtains then fall...!

Friday, 26 August 2011


Love hits randomly;
From above and below.
Cuts through thin and thick.
Lights-up a damp match stick.
Darkens darkness with light.
Love brings the peasants and the kings together.
It tickles the sad,
Turns upside down upright.
Like a shoulder less snake it penetrates beyond.
Dried river-bed overflow.
Broken wells are watered.
Love paints the world with a thick brush.
Stars startle and wink.
Love makes people marvel of the chemistry.
It makes humble beginnings an inventory.
Turns words into emotional symbols.
Love gives poetry a meaning and a reason.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Keep Quiet!
Be still, listen…
Listen to the silent Hymns.
Rhythms of solitude; cries of solace and love.
Listen careful;
Murmurs of sweet nothings.
Just be still.
Respond to the voiceless rhymes.
Let the soundless atmosphere embrace your eardrum.
Feel the touch of inarticulate gesture.
Concentrate and hear….
The waves of soundless symphony.
Mum the fusion of orchestra exhibition.
Keep quiet …be still. Don’t even blink!!
Listen …listen to the reticent cacophony of Vacuum.
Appreciate the Quietude!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

He calls me son!

His word is a lamp to my feet,
And a light for my path.
Lord, you have brighten my days
and sparkled my stay.
You help me see past this dirt and clay.
Wide and  deep you open your gates and show me the way.
I have no tribute nor pay,
Yet still you light-up my way.
Your sufficient grace you freely give.
Abundant Love i freely receive.
Your Word synchronize my play.
My world you have graced.
with finer things than GOLD & DIAMOND
You have pimped  my space,
You feel me with joy, love & hope.
My imperfections you equate with elegance,
Lord you give my heart its pace.
With every embrace i keep you closer.
Your promises i claim Forever.
I am a child of GOD.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The WatchTower

I look and i see....
Brother and Sisters harden their hearts.
They speak to me with evil intent.
With a tinted soul they sing Hosanna,
With an ill-motive they fast and pray.
They believe but do not forgive.
In golden cords and velvet ribbons believers are yoked with unbelievers.
Sin is served like delicacies!
With an adventurous spirit we indulge and fall.
Sin wraps us with pleasures.
It comes with a 'blessing' in quotes because it stings to death!!
Like a baby in a mothers hands it weans and satisfy the flesh.
For a moment it sustains, but yet it fills us with tonnes of emptiness.
With gentle hugs it entangles us with a fleshly passion.
Brothers sing "standing on the promise...", yet we laze and sleep on it.
Sisters sing of redemption songs yet they cling onto sin with hooks.
Faithful brothers and  sisters do not read and show me faces.
You who is Spiritual restore us.
Help them reconstruct.
My Friend judge not but pray for me, them and all of us!
"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God..."

Thursday, 28 July 2011

POETRY 101-The Freshmen Class

Today i dreamt again.
It was in a big Lecture hall.
They all looked at me as though i was a magic man performing with a wand.
"Let me reiterate i said as i continued"
The hall was so quiet and warm that a dropping pin would give an echo, i thought to myself.
On the marble podium i gathered confidence with every breathe.
Their eyes were fixed at me as the eyes of an African Cheetah prying on an antelope.
I could feel i made sense to sum if not all.
The Japanese movement of my ticking watch felt like a count down to fulfillment of an oral expression.
I was just a words smith trying to pass on my tapped values of life.
I wanted to make my mark in the 'minting industry' just minting words on paper.
I loved what i do, i thought to myself.
My language was only limited to strong verbs, adjectives and nouns!
On the big and wide projector screen a name was written;
'Prof. Adam Muthama' in Tahoma font.
Just below the name was the course title-PTRY101
followed by a poem in Times New Roman font.
It was Poetry101, The Freshmen class!
I was taking them through a classical piece by Maya Angelou 'Aint i a Woman'
Their faces showed they had the flow for poetry.
A young voluptuous lady who had a short cut hair style read it fluently.
She had volunteered to read it...but i could tell some boys had lost concentration in the poem.
She caught our eyes by 'Wild Beauty' with fascinating charisma.
She was an apt description of a female that has got all the curves in all the right places,
As they say, 'similar to that of Vida Guerra'.
Her description was not to be used for description of females under 110 lbs.
With an interesting personality and character she gave life to the piece.
Eloquently she tapped into our emotions and feelings!
And as she finished...everyone was left in a cloud of emotional state.
'That was an eccentric performance', i said in an attempt to bring them back!
The class clapped their hands and some boys applauded.
For a moment i wasn't sure if the claps were for the piece or the performance.
And as i getting into the discussion i had a bell rang!
'No, its not a bell', i told myself.
It sounded like an ALARM of my Alcatel-onetouch!!
Opening my heavy eyes i realized i was dreaming.
In my hands was 'After 4:30' by David G. Mailu.
It was 9:30am and i was late for Church.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lord, please listen...

Am tired...
Like the blind woman am touching your robe.
Lord, i stretch my hands pick me up.
Change my story.
Give me a song to sing.

Am tarted and torn...
Like the prodigal son.
Lord, i come back home.
Feed me with Your bread of life.
Cover me with your Armour.

Am weak...
Like Peter i have disowned  You.
Lord, cover my shame.
Reinstate me in your Kingdom.
Wipe away my tears, blow away my bitterness.

Am inadequate...
Like David my faith is not in my sling or stone but You, oh my Lord.
Although i pick fives stones, i want to use one.
My 'Goliath' is Big but mortal.
Lord, I know it is Well.

Am sad...
Like Hannah, they laugh and make fun of my 'barrenness'.
Lord, liberate me from their ridicule.
I lift up my eyes.
Save me from this depression.
Lift me high upon a Rock.

Am rejected and despised...
Like Bartimaeus i sit by the roadside and beg.
I beg not for silver or Gold, but for mercy!
I see what is physical and earthly,
Yet still i know am blind as a bat to the spiritual realm.
My Lord open the eyes of my heart i want to see you.

Am Subjugated...
Like the cry of the Israelites in Egypt, here my cry.
Lord, i know you are concerned with my suffering.
Bring  me to Canaan.
Rescue me from the 'Egyptians' and this 'Slavery'
Down at your feet i lay my Yoke.
Once and for all declare me free!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

My Pilgrimage!

This is no Vudu, nor Hocus-pocus!
I was born in an abnormal way.
My mother spent 12hours in Labour pains,
She thought that the reason she felt the pain was because of Adam n Eve;
And thus my name ADAM.
Her pain was not that of regret but of pure joy!
Strangely as it were i shared in her tears and joy.
My infancy was not peaches and cream;
Infact it was a hurdle for me and mum.
Her c-sectiom wound refused to heal;
While my face was covered with rushes which spread to my entire body.
My tender pale skin flourished in the rushes,
The only contrast was a big black 'scar' on my left ear.
Through prayers mum became better,
My rushes went away and my 'scar' reduced.
During my toddler-hood i refused to breast feed.
Mum got worried and sad but she got used to it.
Infact it worked best for me,
I mean i was as strong and as heavy as a colt born on spring!
Even this stage wasn't peaches and cream.
Let me confess, i had a thorn in my flesh.
I had problem with my speech.
Thus i stammered in my child hood.
Kids made fun of me, they called me all sorts of names.
"Bong'o bong'o", they would shout at me!
"Ako na ulimi mzito" , they would reiterate.
I felt argg...aarggg...angry and would fight my way out of that name.
But as fights in my life reduced my speech improved,
Though my body shrinked and i became darker, nhu it is well!
In my early teenage hood i was introduced to writing (compositions).
Although i liked writing i hated being told what to write about.
After sometime i realized i could write to myself and not be judged or evaluated.
Secretly i vowed to be faithful to my TWO Love (poetry n  Jesus being my 1st)
I took on the world with my pen and Bible.
I thought to myself, finally i have been given a silver-lining;
A more artistic fluency of my expressions.
My brain became tuned to poetic vibe.
I had the ability to pick people's expressions and feelings.
I could tap my thoughts and shape them into meaningful semantical units.
And that there is how i guess my pilgrimage began!
Mum i love you!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Rain falls like it has never rained before;
The rain drops performs an orchestra followed with a tap-dance.
They tap the pools of water like the arm of a kamba drum-beater.
In complete surrender i let my soul, spirit and body dance to the rhythm n rhyme.
Like a guardian angel the sound of raindrops tiptoes into my bedroom...
Thunder and bolt harmonizes the sound of raindrops taping on the housetop sheet.
In total unison my eyes blink at the flashing lightning.
As the raindrops tap-dances on my body,
My spirit basks in the sweet-fresh smell of rain.
Like the sound of a coin in a beggar's cup the sound of each raindrop gives me hope and satisfaction.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


In-front of the closed door i stand and knock.
Above heavenly bodies i rise and hang.
Beside the stars i glow.
Beneath the the ground i sprout.
Among the saints i sing.
To angelic rhythm i dance.
I venture into the space above.
I explore the beauty of the universe.
My eyes reflect the glittering luster of precious stone.
My Origin humbles my Life.
His breathe puts things into perspective.
The perfection of beauty is restored in me.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Our Kenya my Pride

My dark pride;
I trace my roots not to Tusker but to the Hilly countryside,
Beauty thoroughly adorned in her landmarks.
From the plains, to the hilly terrain.
Coast to coast.
Home of a diverse Nation.
A Nation with a rainbow complexion.
Peace, Love and Unity enforced in a triple strand.
My county my Kenya!
In patriotic chants i jeer my team...GO RUGBY SEVENS!
Like a peacock i take pride the color of my Flag.
I give respect to my fore-fathers "the freedom fighters."
Like a proud Russian mafia i take pride in my Heritage.
My loyalty i pledge in broad daylight.
My National Anthem drives my heart onto my knees;
"Oh God of all creation, bless this our Land and Nation."
Daily i purpose to include my Country in my ambitions.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Confession Box

Lord i know its been a day since i last talked to you.
So much has happened which you know.
I know i have been a bad friend, An unfaithful servant.
Deliberately i have dipped my toes into sin.
Lord, my list of crime is long.
The road i choose was a lonely one.
Am guilty as charged by the devil.
I have stumbled and fell during my walk.
Important protocols have been overlooked!
Like a cactus plant i have tried to hide my dealings.
My feelings i have unsuccessfully tried to bury.
Issues of privacy and fidelity have locked heads.
My allegiance has been breached.
Lord give me an audience.
Help me turn on a new leaf...
Though am lost i know i am found,
Though am weak i know am strong.
Renew a steadfast spirit  within me.
Help me mount on wings like Eagles.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Let me through...!
Allow the utterance of my heart.
Clear your mind off the doubt.
Give this flow a chance.
Let my words sugar coat this world.
Embrace the meaningful love in words.
I have been graced and favored by God.
For your love is a reflection of Gods favor.
In you I have found a sanctuary for my heart.
A rock upon which to place my love!
To you i open my heart, mind and soul.
Allow every ounce of my love to cushion your world.
Look deep inside me and know my heart.
Hold my hand and let us be.
Let nothing put us asunder!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Single Rose

The sweet smell of a rose;
is what makes my heart pause.
A strange sensation bubbles from within;
for this simple gesture makes me green.
With a single rose you touch my heart;
you pronounce our love and set it apart.
My crippling tongue cannot move;
for like this rose you have pruned me.
Once i was a dry river bed;
dry and so full of despair...!
With apt expressions you have watered me;
now i drool honey and sweet nothings.
Gosh....My words dry out...!
For you have turned me into a spring of sweetness.
You have become my deepest ambition.
My heart holds the closest friendship a relationship would ever offer.
Not a petal will fall from this stalk.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Human beings as we are.....,
         We are wired to sparkle the world.
Above all living-things we standout,
         Standout as the best in all creation.
We are not designed to be buried in oblivion,
         But like sky scrapers each design is uniquely built.
Though we share the same architect,
         Our blue-prints are incomparable.
Each piece is deliberately placed in a specific way,
         We are dusted, smoothed and furnished to give a glare.

There is no room for accidents,
         Coincidence is a concept that is void.
Beauty and glamor shine inside-out.
We seek attention  and approval,
         Recognition is but our ambition.
Like honey bees we are busy not making honey,
         Busy creating and working on our own public image.
We seek to be complemented....,
        to be told well done, good job, to be pampered.
Babies cry for it while grown men die for it.
Though philosophy may give principles of aesthetics,
         Mankind offers the raw material.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Through the eyes of the Intern

In my search...!
I moved inside sky scrappers, even changed places.
Up and Down i moved with the lifts
Big doors flang open.
Doors occupied by important people 'Waheshimiwa' 
I entered the big spacious offices with mahogany desks and leather cushioned sits.
They all wore black suits well complimented by ties.
It was the hustle and bustle for an internship.
Though the road i trudged was lonely God keep me aloft
Like the rainbow stair case i was always a step ahead!
In God's sight i found favor.
Everywhere i went i was ushered with smiles
I cant complain for i saw his flavor.
The Bigwigs were all courteous and welcoming.
Its as if their coats were filled with kindness

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Resilient Love

His resilient love would not snap like a chewing gum..!
This "Man's" claim of love was sincere.
So true to the point of death....
Even the fear of the cross could make Him look back. 
he overlooked my indisciplined, arrogant and stubborn heart.
Forgiveness was thoroughly engraved in His Love.
Even my Adamic nature could not make Him think twice.
With resilient Love and Humility he approached the 'Hill of Skull'
Love made the entire earth shake and bound us with Grace.
I know most of the time am not worthy but you still Love me. 
I salute You, My Lord and My Redeemer!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

My pageless Book
I have forsaken my first love...!
It has been two weeks since my pen brushed its sharp pointed ball against you.
For along time i have not whispered to you...
inside me i have hoarded my feelings and emotions.
A pool of catharsis bubbles from inside.
I feel overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings.
Take me back and let my thoughts embrace your pages as they used to...!
open the gates and let me find refuge...!
Let your  huge vault be a sanctuary for my darkest secrets and thoughts.
Only you can harbor the guilt, shame, stupidity, pride and honesty.
I know you will not judge will not even point  a finger at me.  
Oh my sweet friend...let me write on you...!