Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Only IF...

If a tea spoon of sugar would make the sea sweet,
                    I would be a Dolphin.
If a spoonful of water would turn a desert into an orchid,
                    I would be an Apple tree.
If the sound of frogs croaking and cricket chirping would turn into an orchestra,
                    I would orchestrate the performance.
If snowy peak mountains could get married,
                    I would be Mt. Everest.
If the Ice-age would make the arctic flourish,
                    I would be a polar bear.
If a mustard seed would be a haven for birds,
                    I would be an Eagle.
If all colours could blend and give meanings in apt expressions,
                    I would be a chameleon.
If a Lion would be-friend a buffalo,
                    I would be-friend a Tiger.
If a heart beat would be a poetic vibe,
                    I would be a Heart.
If a lonely lit candle would shine bright like the sun,
                    I would be that Candle!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Aint she Beautiful!!!
A complexion of rare beauty;
Adorned in sophisticated lustre.
Your love is so 'self-evident'
Love penetrates form and structure.
With a Love so rare you handle our world.
Actions of self-sacrifice and dedication couples our mothers.
Their Love for us stands the test of Time.
With a warm heart you shake off my imperfections with a rod;
''I do not spank you but the devil inside you''
                                        she says with a consoling tone.
She offers all the bolstering we need to reach the finish line.
Her soul is destined to Live and Love.
Mothers make an indelible imprint in our society.
They share in our burdens,
               Believe in our dreams
                                Pray for our lives!