Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Our Kenya my Pride

My motherland...my dark pride;
I trace my roots not to Tusker but to the Hilly countryside,
Beauty thoroughly adorned in her landmarks.
From the plains, to the hilly terrain.
Coast to coast.
Home of a diverse Nation.
A Nation with a rainbow complexion.
Peace, Love and Unity enforced in a triple strand.
My county my Kenya!
In patriotic chants i jeer my team...GO RUGBY SEVENS!
Like a peacock i take pride the color of my Flag.
I give respect to my fore-fathers "the freedom fighters."
Like a proud Russian mafia i take pride in my Heritage.
My loyalty i pledge in broad daylight.
My National Anthem drives my heart onto my knees;
"Oh God of all creation, bless this our Land and Nation."
Daily i purpose to include my Country in my ambitions.


  1. u knw...u r alwayz in control of ur environment n ur life.u r alwayz utilizing ur assets 2 the fullest n neva hold back.u r goin places.wait till the prezo reads ths piece

  2. Hahaha...thanx!! nhu i dont think the president blogs...not Kibaki!