Friday, 22 July 2011

My Pilgrimage!

This is no Vudu, nor Hocus-pocus!
I was born in an abnormal way.
My mother spent 12hours in Labour pains,
She thought that the reason she felt the pain was because of Adam n Eve;
And thus my name ADAM.
Her pain was not that of regret but of pure joy!
Strangely as it were i shared in her tears and joy.
My infancy was not peaches and cream;
Infact it was a hurdle for me and mum.
Her c-sectiom wound refused to heal;
While my face was covered with rushes which spread to my entire body.
My tender pale skin flourished in the rushes,
The only contrast was a big black 'scar' on my left ear.
Through prayers mum became better,
My rushes went away and my 'scar' reduced.
During my toddler-hood i refused to breast feed.
Mum got worried and sad but she got used to it.
Infact it worked best for me,
I mean i was as strong and as heavy as a colt born on spring!
Even this stage wasn't peaches and cream.
Let me confess, i had a thorn in my flesh.
I had problem with my speech.
Thus i stammered in my child hood.
Kids made fun of me, they called me all sorts of names.
"Bong'o bong'o", they would shout at me!
"Ako na ulimi mzito" , they would reiterate.
I felt argg...aarggg...angry and would fight my way out of that name.
But as fights in my life reduced my speech improved,
Though my body shrinked and i became darker, nhu it is well!
In my early teenage hood i was introduced to writing (compositions).
Although i liked writing i hated being told what to write about.
After sometime i realized i could write to myself and not be judged or evaluated.
Secretly i vowed to be faithful to my TWO Love (poetry n  Jesus being my 1st)
I took on the world with my pen and Bible.
I thought to myself, finally i have been given a silver-lining;
A more artistic fluency of my expressions.
My brain became tuned to poetic vibe.
I had the ability to pick people's expressions and feelings.
I could tap my thoughts and shape them into meaningful semantical units.
And that there is how i guess my pilgrimage began!
Mum i love you!


  1. Adam! Sema, this is Mwende ur cousin. This poem is beautiful. Such raw honesty and laying bare of your life. You have encouraged me in this poem and God bless you as you continue praising Him with your pen!

  2. Thanx, MrsH! It means so much to me when someone is encouraged! Nhu i will keep doing what i do as long as you keep reading...! Salimia MrH xana!