Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Confession Box

Lord i know its been a day since i last talked to you.
So much has happened which you know.
I know i have been a bad friend, An unfaithful servant.
Deliberately i have dipped my toes into sin.
Lord, my list of crime is long.
The road i choose was a lonely one.
Am guilty as charged by the devil.
I have stumbled and fell during my walk.
Important protocols have been overlooked!
Like a cactus plant i have tried to hide my dealings.
My feelings i have unsuccessfully tried to bury.
Issues of privacy and fidelity have locked heads.
My allegiance has been breached.
Lord give me an audience.
Help me turn on a new leaf...
Though am lost i know i am found,
Though am weak i know am strong.
Renew a steadfast spirit  within me.
Help me mount on wings like Eagles.


  1. and strength to run and never weary and walk and walk, and never fail...i love the piece