Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Human beings as we are.....,
         We are wired to sparkle the world.
Above all living-things we standout,
         Standout as the best in all creation.
We are not designed to be buried in oblivion,
         But like sky scrapers each design is uniquely built.
Though we share the same architect,
         Our blue-prints are incomparable.
Each piece is deliberately placed in a specific way,
         We are dusted, smoothed and furnished to give a glare.

There is no room for accidents,
         Coincidence is a concept that is void.
Beauty and glamor shine inside-out.
We seek attention  and approval,
         Recognition is but our ambition.
Like honey bees we are busy not making honey,
         Busy creating and working on our own public image.
We seek to be complemented....,
        to be told well done, good job, to be pampered.
Babies cry for it while grown men die for it.
Though philosophy may give principles of aesthetics,
         Mankind offers the raw material.


  1. adyzo!!!!dayuuuum!!!!babies cry for it while grown men die for it....word!!!i so love ur writings