Friday, 20 May 2011

Through the eyes of the Intern

In my search...!
I moved inside sky scrappers, even changed places.
Up and Down i moved with the lifts
Big doors flang open.
Doors occupied by important people 'Waheshimiwa' 
I entered the big spacious offices with mahogany desks and leather cushioned sits.
They all wore black suits well complimented by ties.
It was the hustle and bustle for an internship.
Though the road i trudged was lonely God keep me aloft
Like the rainbow stair case i was always a step ahead!
In God's sight i found favor.
Everywhere i went i was ushered with smiles
I cant complain for i saw his flavor.
The Bigwigs were all courteous and welcoming.
Its as if their coats were filled with kindness


  1. Am nostalgic right internship was the best....8/10 experience...everytime i feel down i look back on how my working life started and smile the worries away!

  2. it started well for me guys in Ministry of Foreign Affairs are just awesome...mean they have Big hearts!!!

  3. enjoy it!!!learn ol u can nd rem ur marked to make a mark