Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lord, please listen...

Am tired...
Like the blind woman am touching your robe.
Lord, i stretch my hands pick me up.
Change my story.
Give me a song to sing.

Am tarted and torn...
Like the prodigal son.
Lord, i come back home.
Feed me with Your bread of life.
Cover me with your Armour.

Am weak...
Like Peter i have disowned  You.
Lord, cover my shame.
Reinstate me in your Kingdom.
Wipe away my tears, blow away my bitterness.

Am inadequate...
Like David my faith is not in my sling or stone but You, oh my Lord.
Although i pick fives stones, i want to use one.
My 'Goliath' is Big but mortal.
Lord, I know it is Well.

Am sad...
Like Hannah, they laugh and make fun of my 'barrenness'.
Lord, liberate me from their ridicule.
I lift up my eyes.
Save me from this depression.
Lift me high upon a Rock.

Am rejected and despised...
Like Bartimaeus i sit by the roadside and beg.
I beg not for silver or Gold, but for mercy!
I see what is physical and earthly,
Yet still i know am blind as a bat to the spiritual realm.
My Lord open the eyes of my heart i want to see you.

Am Subjugated...
Like the cry of the Israelites in Egypt, here my cry.
Lord, i know you are concerned with my suffering.
Bring  me to Canaan.
Rescue me from the 'Egyptians' and this 'Slavery'
Down at your feet i lay my Yoke.
Once and for all declare me free!!