Sunday, 19 February 2012

Never stop Falling...

In more than a million ways;
Your eyes speak out Love.
My heart burns in incense and myrrh.
Like a torchlight you illuminate my my heart.
You deep me in the Fragrance of your Love;
And i come out sparkled and radiated.
In jokes, riddles and fables we relate.
The banks of my eyes overflow with Happiness.
You shower me with laughter and smiles.
My ribs crack and rapture with Joy.
Passion pops from within like champagne.
We share a glass of warm feelings.
Love overwhelms and fills my heart to Brim.
Our cup, our cup runs over!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Purpose Driven

Like a rainbow after the rain God scribbles on my brain.
And I scribble poetry on a line.
I put all my thoughts down.
God writes on my cloud;
His writings sink deep and i make Him proud.
Filled with inspiration i write.
Like a candle in the dark i burn bright.
I echo what He says;
And dance to what He plays.
I represent His will to the fullest.
Prose and poetry I write.
I don't question His Holy Spirit;
Neither do I let the devil lower my Spirit. 
In excellence I try to fight my battle.
With patience and humility i ride my shuttle.
I radiate His beam and I live for HIM!!