Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Single Rose

The sweet smell of a rose;
is what makes my heart pause.
A strange sensation bubbles from within;
for this simple gesture makes me green.
With a single rose you touch my heart;
you pronounce our love and set it apart.
My crippling tongue cannot move;
for like this rose you have pruned me.
Once i was a dry river bed;
dry and so full of despair...!
With apt expressions you have watered me;
now i drool honey and sweet nothings.
Gosh....My words dry out...!
For you have turned me into a spring of sweetness.
You have become my deepest ambition.
My heart holds the closest friendship a relationship would ever offer.
Not a petal will fall from this stalk.


  1. inspiration!!!u should make me follow ur footsteps..

  2. i know you will...! nhu usi tense!!