Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Our Kenya my Pride

My motherland...my dark pride;
I trace my roots not to Tusker but to the Hilly countryside,
Beauty thoroughly adorned in her landmarks.
From the plains, to the hilly terrain.
Coast to coast.
Home of a diverse Nation.
A Nation with a rainbow complexion.
Peace, Love and Unity enforced in a triple strand.
My county my Kenya!
In patriotic chants i jeer my team...GO RUGBY SEVENS!
Like a peacock i take pride the color of my Flag.
I give respect to my fore-fathers "the freedom fighters."
Like a proud Russian mafia i take pride in my Heritage.
My loyalty i pledge in broad daylight.
My National Anthem drives my heart onto my knees;
"Oh God of all creation, bless this our Land and Nation."
Daily i purpose to include my Country in my ambitions.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Confession Box

Lord i know its been a day since i last talked to you.
So much has happened which you know.
I know i have been a bad friend, An unfaithful servant.
Deliberately i have dipped my toes into sin.
Lord, my list of crime is long.
The road i choose was a lonely one.
Am guilty as charged by the devil.
I have stumbled and fell during my walk.
Important protocols have been overlooked!
Like a cactus plant i have tried to hide my dealings.
My feelings i have unsuccessfully tried to bury.
Issues of privacy and fidelity have locked heads.
My allegiance has been breached.
Lord give me an audience.
Help me turn on a new leaf...
Though am lost i know i am found,
Though am weak i know am strong.
Renew a steadfast spirit  within me.
Help me mount on wings like Eagles.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Let me through...!
Allow the utterance of my heart.
Clear your mind off the doubt.
Give this flow a chance.
Let my words sugar coat this world.
Embrace the meaningful love in words.
I have been graced and favored by God.
For your love is a reflection of Gods favor.
In you I have found a sanctuary for my heart.
A rock upon which to place my love!
To you i open my heart, mind and soul.
Allow every ounce of my love to cushion your world.
Look deep inside me and know my heart.
Hold my hand and let us be.
Let nothing put us asunder!