Sunday, 10 July 2011


Rain falls like it has never rained before;
The rain drops performs an orchestra followed with a tap-dance.
They tap the pools of water like the arm of a kamba drum-beater.
In complete surrender i let my soul, spirit and body dance to the rhythm n rhyme.
Like a guardian angel the sound of raindrops tiptoes into my bedroom...
Thunder and bolt harmonizes the sound of raindrops taping on the housetop sheet.
In total unison my eyes blink at the flashing lightning.
As the raindrops tap-dances on my body,
My spirit basks in the sweet-fresh smell of rain.
Like the sound of a coin in a beggar's cup the sound of each raindrop gives me hope and satisfaction.


  1. are kambas drum beaters these days? thought luhyas were...anyway did u write this after thursday?

  2. kambas i think are the best Bantu drumbeaters...!!

  3. right words 2 use-'thnk' ur work!right words 2 use-'thnk' ur work!

  4. n nw i undrstand y u wishd 4 rain on thursdayn nw i undrstand y u wishd 4 rain on thursday