Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Social Misfit!

Am a social misfit!
I look at my world from a poetic angle.
With a poetic touch I make everything sound sweet.
In strong adjectives I describe my angels.
I write not because I can write really well.
I only write because I fear regretting why I didn’t write!
So my actions countervail my fear.
Fear for not living my life to the fullest.

Am a social misfit!
In millions way I re-write the daily spectacle.
Tinny little sounds are captured in verses.
Words turn a mere breaking of bread into a banquet.
With simple phrases a humbled life is purpose driven.
Am a social misfit!
Like a flowing river;
Words pop-out in poetic flow.
Like water fall;
Words fall in continuous threads.
They dwindle and form moulds.
Trickles of molten meanings overflow from the pot.
On a three stoned cooker spice and aroma merge sparingly.
Literature boils inside a clay pot.
With words I trace my ancestral oral literature.

Am a social misfit!
Words make my molecular structure.
My brain bleeds metaphors, phrases and rhymes.
My heart pops-out sonnets, ballads and limericks.
My mouth spits out lyrics.

Am a social misfit!
Like a feather words float on my writings.
Imagination color my paper and inspires my ink.
I see voices of artistic expressions.
I hear colors of poetic revelations.
My heart beats in sync with a dramatic accent.
The world watches as i paint its shadow.
I guess....i am a social misfit!

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