Friday, 28 September 2012

This World

This world!!
This world speaks of many things!!
At the corner I stare and listen.
They speak of fun, merry and party.
With hands up they dance and party.
“Get a life," they shout at me.
In dimly lit floors acts are done.
Music becomes  instrumental in the pursuit of earthly pleasure.
Dance-hall, reggae, rock and riddim influence the mass.

This world!!
This world whispers many things.
In the dark alley I stare and listen.
“F*** b ***h,” the young lady shouts!
“I Love you” the husband lies.
Lies blind only for a while.
Our piggy-greedy-politicians incite citizens.
The Police solicit for bribes in broad daylight.

This world!!
This world muzzles many cries.
I see her…she is guilty for aborting.
Guilt burdens her tinny world.
That working class lady in heels smiles but cries inside.
This man drowns himself in alcohol hoping it will all go away.
A child sobs his parents are going through a divorce.
My friend lost her mum to cancer.
Daily we all lose love ones to this menace.
Hope keeps us aloft in this trying moments.

This world!!
This world fuels and breeds all forms of Evil.
My friend Juma went Pro he is now a Con 'artist'.
William is submerged in the world of porn!
Michelle is gay, so is Michael. 
Bob drinks like an Irish-fish.
Claire is a Mid-night 'whole-seller' at Koinange St.

This world!!
This world is full of inevitable contrast.
While I  smile, someone else where is crying.
While I breathe, someone else where is gasping for air.
This is the inevitable of existence.
The indirectly proportions in the cycle of life.
Laughter and cry come to all.

This world!!
This world faces trials, tribulations and hardships daily.
We wish for a better life instead of praying.
Call and He will answer [Jere 33:3]
When we make an effort and meet Jesus.
He gives us peace that transcends our human understanding.
Our debt was paid in full lets not forget that!
Let us trust in the Lord with all our heart,
Acknowledging Him in all our ways,
And he shall direct our paths.
It's a sick world, and Jesus is the Cure!!

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