Thursday, 13 September 2012

XY...then Z-Generation

It’s the 21st Century.
The global village is amidst us.
Kindergartens replace nurseries.
Chat-rooms replace Class-rooms.
The internet becomes a big fuss.
Our world becomes 'Richer'.
Life is made 'complicated'.
Celebrities dictate our culture;
Media gives handouts for lifestyle.
Like atoms art fuse with science;
Societies are born and culture is re-invented.
Social status are created while a class is born.
The Bourgeoisie-capitalist gives value to everything.
Insurance Companies rob us and still play god.
Masters perfect their craft;
Slaves dehydrate their hopes.
Firms are established.
Business contracts are signed.
Shares are redeemed.
Dividends are paid in full.
Cash flows in liquidity.
Price tags seem valueless.
Everything is given a Monetary value.
This generation fights because of different Ideology.
Religion, Science, Philosophy and Wealth causes tension.
The once shared sense of Humanity is Old-fashioned.
Rebels allover have waged war!!
This is the XY...then Z-Generation.

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