Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our Wall-unit!!
You know the things that remain attached to your family for long;
well, we had a piece of antic that had a place in our child hood.
it was placed in the family's sanctuary, 'the living room'
The 'living room' had no attractive paint work and no pictures at all.
Nothing artistic was on display.
the walls were unprofessionally painted in white
three sofas surrounded a bluish structure which seemed like a coffee table
facing the big spacious sofa was the work of a Carpenter;
It was a Wall unit that had been well crafted in fine pine and gloss furnish.
It housed a 14' international TV set in one of its closures
On a glass plane display was fine Chinese and English ceramic products.
Each compartment was like an alter for placing a sacrifice.
It was a sanctuary for Valuables.
Mum's Panasonic radio and various local gospel tapes had their niche.
I remember getting a whooping for messing with one of her favorite tapes.
Before i forget, there was an important item which occupied the compartment beside the TV
A brown King James translation Bible.
This was a present from uncle-Japheth to my Dad.
The golden pages had long faded and its genuine brown leather cover had wrinkles.
This book was familiar to us all....
We read it carefully, earnestly and lovingly.
Within its pages was the fountain of truth and life.
I remember the nights we used to spend reading it during our family devotion.
Among other items in the wall unit was our family Album;
Dolls from Disneyland were placed 'artistically',
I remember the contribution of my stickers to the overall 'artistic' look.
The wall unit was our epitome for artistic collection.
I miss those days!!!

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