Saturday, 28 January 2012

Epileptic Episode

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Tell me…is it wrong?
I spent long hours at night nurturing my obsession
I burn the midnight oil amidst literary exposures.
Countless hours I spend bumming between thoughts.
I would spend my late hours cursing out poetry from within.
“Is this worth it”, I would ask myself.
‘Just write’, my heart would whisper to I.
With my hand glued to my pen I would scribble on my notebook.
In thoughts I would re-live my pains, doubts, fear and Love.
At times I would travel in space to foreign galaxies.
While sitted on my desk I would hear the silent screams;
         Screams of the voiceless and the desperate.
While still sitted on my desk I would hear songs;
         Songs of jubilation and celebration.
Trust me…its exciting yet scary.
At times I would plunge into a deep specter.
I would attend weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
Infact I once attend my own funeral.
Unbelievable…? Yes, I know!
It was as sad as it sounds.
I was moved to tears as I faced my worst fear!
The fear wasn’t death…trust me!
It was the sight of seeing my love helpless and vulnerable.
My kids flinched in sadness as their eyes welled up in tears.
Anyway let’s not get emotional...not today!
Today am just in a rhetoric state.
Am just stating…Is my late night hours worth my stay?
I refer to them as my ‘Epileptic episodes’
For they come abrupt like seizures.
If am to give an ending to this rhetoric statement.
It would be a two words Epitaph “Self-Indulgent”.