Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Purpose Driven

Like a rainbow after the rain God scribbles on my brain.
And I scribble poetry on a line.
I put all my thoughts down.
God writes on my cloud;
His writings sink deep and i make Him proud.
Filled with inspiration i write.
Like a candle in the dark i burn bright.
I echo what He says;
And dance to what He plays.
I represent His will to the fullest.
Prose and poetry I write.
I don't question His Holy Spirit;
Neither do I let the devil lower my Spirit. 
In excellence I try to fight my battle.
With patience and humility i ride my shuttle.
I radiate His beam and I live for HIM!!


  1. Keep dancing to God's tune!No better sound than His

  2. Thanks! HEROINE...Siku mingi! Fishment aje...???