Tuesday, 20 January 2015

African Woman

Naomi Wachira- @Imanafricangirl
African Woman...
Is a daughter, a mama, a grand-ma.
She is the Epitome of sacrifice and the Oasis of Life.

African Woman...
She is a mentor, a teacher and a homemaker.
She aptly conjugates purpose, wisdom and Love in her speech/songs.

African Woman...
Is a friend, a mum and a wife.
She Loves unconditionally.
With simple gestures she gives meaning to Life.
In fine harmony her songs are food for the soul.
Her soft voice is sweet intoxication.

African Woman...
Is a caretaker, a servant and a Cup-bearer.
She fills the barn with good tidings.
The world marvels at her hard-work.
Her pot feels our belly with sumptuous cuisines
Pro. Wangari Muta Maathai
African Woman...
Is like well cut Diamond, her beauty sparks the World.
She is far more beautiful than the Universe.
Her curves, edges and hills inspire Aesthetics.
The Fountain of beauty bubbles from inside her.
Her skin is dark like black gold.
Her spirit is pure and a becon of home.
She lights our world with her laughter.
Her speech is profound and her thoughts are insightful.
African Woman...
Is the pillar of our Heritage.
With care she molds our world and preserves our culture.
Sister, Mama, grandma you are a daughter of Africa.
A true African Woman!!!


  1. A cup bearer guards against poison in the king's cup. It shows just how much a woman (African) is willing to sacrifice for the sake of her family. African woman is indeed a blessing

  2. Beautiful as it is accurate, Adam. :-D Love it.