Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Flipside

Its when you become numb that pain feels like a prick!
Its when you gain your patience that you stop the chasing and wait to be chased.
Its only when your pencil breaks that you imagine your drawings.
Its when you love deeply but its not reciprocated in the same portion,
              that you feel love is never fair;  its just a feeling.
Its when your tears dry up that you let it go.
Its when the clouds become heavy that umbrellas get an appreciation.
Its when you begin to dance that the beat settles in.
Its when darkness fills your space that you appreciate light. 
Its when you become sick that you appreciate good health.
You know that second that you look back and doubt …what you saw!!!
And there is that moment that you smile and give thanks for what is, was and is to come.
The flip side of life is both a reality and a mirage….
 We all experience everything, then make a choice. 


  1. it is important to appreciate everything....no matter how small or insignificant it may seem

  2. indeed we should learn to count our blessings.