Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Only IF...

If a tea spoon of sugar would make the sea sweet,
                    I would be a Dolphin.
If a spoonful of water would turn a desert into an orchid,
                    I would be an Apple tree.
If the sound of frogs croaking and cricket chirping would turn into an orchestra,
                    I would orchestrate the performance.
If snowy peak mountains could get married,
                    I would be Mt. Everest.
If the Ice-age would make the arctic flourish,
                    I would be a polar bear.
If a mustard seed would be a haven for birds,
                    I would be an Eagle.
If all colours could blend and give meanings in apt expressions,
                    I would be a chameleon.
If a Lion would be-friend a buffalo,
                    I would be-friend a Tiger.
If a heart beat would be a poetic vibe,
                    I would be a Heart.
If a lonely lit candle would shine bright like the sun,
                    I would be that Candle!!!

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