Friday, 6 July 2012

Diagnostic Tantamount

Addiction is a rudimentary death Hazard;
The ultimate game of Russian rou'lette!
It's a graveyard full of pits.
It swallows the rich and the poor,
                  the 'righteous' and the 'sinful'
Addiction is a one night-stand gig
                  though you keep coming for the last time.
Its like embracing a stinging bee
                  just to taste a drop of honey.
Addiction is a bitter-sweet herb.
Its sweet to the taste buds
                  but corrosive to the soul.
Let me confess.....
For years i have lived in utmost denial,
                  oblivious of my addiciton predicament.
I walk one step forward and two steps backwards.
Everyday I cry my tears dry
                  and hush my consciousness to silence.
Though guilty i plead Innocent!!
Knowingly I neglect my iniquity.
Back and forth i keep on swallowing the bitter-sweet herb.
The more i try to stop the more i indulge.
My consciousness stumbles and falls in despair.
Behind closed doors i hurt
                  i sob myself to sleep.
Am a total wreck customized into a blazing smile.
I am my own curse!
My own limbs I deep into the devils pot.
Today I tie my own noose...
"I want out...!", I shout a whisper.
In the fall of the night I hang my old-self
                  my remains i burry deep in the earth's crust.
The symbolic shadow of the day-break
                  emancipate my new me.
Today hence forth I Live right,
                  I walk straight and steady!!!


  1. It's real yo! Big up for truth and poetry. The truth will set us free.