Monday, 26 September 2011


Birthday come like shooting stars,
They brighten our past,
Shading more light to the future.
Like a new page of a book,
Our birthdays flip open, come and pass; sweeping us to another class.
Today is your birthday…
You fall like a shooting star.
I know your face glees and your heart smolders with joy.
But how I pray!!
That this birthday fills you with insight;
Bringing you a step closer to understanding LOVE.
The love of a husband who is always beside you…
The love of a son who adores you like a goddess.
The love of people who care about you and wish you well,
And the Love of the Almighty who watches over you day and night.
Happy birthday!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Like the clay in the Potter’s hands

Like a broken piece of pottery I lay
          With pieces scattered all over.
My being drowns in a pool of misery.
My broken spirit vanishes into thin air.
A broken and contrite heart is all I have.
A blot of sin crushes my inmost place.
Pity and Sorrow flood from within.
Guilt hangs like a scotching sun.
My clay feels dehydrated like a sand dune.
As Euthanasia attack my pillar of dust…
          You are proved right!
For like the desert-rain your timing is perfect.
My clay softens in your hands.
You put together my marred pieces; 
          shaping them as seemed best to You.
Like warm butter sliding down a hot toast
          You smoothen all my rough edges.
Again, within the Potter’s House I commit my cause.
          You are proved right!!
For like clay in the Potter’s hands so am I!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Diary of a Mad-Lover.

I promised myself that I will treasure my love.
My pen will not let the slightest thought mar.
Word by word I will pen all my emotions.
My deepest feeling will not vanish unexpressed.
In this diary I will scribble my love life with you.
Every smile, laughter and tear will have its place.
My Joy and happiness will lay between the lines of the paper aptly conjugated.
Not the slightest detail will be left un-noted.
Madness may be the cause of this…but love fuels this course!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

You are GOD

Am not saved by meditation or visualization.
My redemption is through HIS grace.
Once I was s cloud without rain.
A broken well without water.
Now I stand condemned before men
                       but faithful before God.
Am a mud of dirt that God has anointed.
A piece of pottery turned into a Vessel of Noble.
            You alone are GOD.
You have set my spirit free.
Even though you know my weaknesses;
You unveil to me Your righteousness.
I stand in silence in reverence.
Like an empty vessel You pour your spirit into me.
Deep calls unto deep!
        You satisfy the longing of my soul.
        You reveal your glory to me.
        You alone are GOD!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The stage

The curtains open...
Fine music is heard.
With eyes glued we sit and stare.
Like puppets events control our eyes.
Emotions fill us to brim.
We smile, laugh and cry.
Excitement fills us with happiness.
Laughter bubbles like the morning porridge.
We laugh till we cry…
We cry till our eyes run dry…!
Fun is filled with Joy.
Courtesy of artistic expressions we enjoy.
The curtains then fall...!